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Fresh Start Financial Group helps its clients achieve their dreams by improving their credit. As opposed to other credit companies that take months to make a dent in a credit score, Fresh Start Financial Group takes a maximum of 120 business days. The company ensures that clients see results swiftly. And if they can’t achieve it in the time they promise, clients get their money back.

Whatever dreams the clients have, they are very important to Fresh Start Financial Group. Whether the clients need to buy a car or a home, get credit cards with high credit limits, or get loans for their business, the company works hard to help the clients get them.

Fresh Start Financial Group comes highly recommended by anyone who’s worked with them. This is in large part due to Noel Verdejo, the founder of Fresh Start Financial Group. Noel founded the company in March 2019. Before that, he worked in the car business industry for over eighteen years as a finance director. In that position, he developed a way to help clients fix their credit to buy cars, home, and get great deals on their purchases. And now that he has his financial company, he also has a leasing company and strategic partnerships with many banks, mortgage companies, solar panel companies, and many dealerships in Central Jersey.

Noel Verdejo Story - Founder of Fresh Start Financial Group

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Thank you to the Fresh Start Financial Group for all you’ve done and continue to do for me and everyone else. My Credit has gone up 160 points since starting in February. I’m not done yet but I am grateful! Anyone looking for credit help… this group is it! I will be recommending others to the group for help!

Ruthy Alma Estrada.

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